Posted by: carlsumner | September 1, 2010

Diving In!

Most people in education would admit that they could find work to do 24/7 and by definition can never feel fully prepared.  By my own admittance, I feel like I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time.   I enjoy the feeling of being prepared but need the pressure of limited time or impending deadlines to really get the ideas flowing.  Or maybe i’m just lazy!

Either way it’s time for a new year to start and I genuinely feel a huge sense of excitement.  There are so many new projects and ideas to work on (not least our implementation of a more flexible and creative  delivery of the curriculum that everyone is excited about), new staff to welcome, support and learn from and a new class of children to be enthralled and amazed by!!

A new scheme of work for ICT was introduced to staff today that breathes fresh air into our use of technology and media across the curriculum.   For most it looked slightly intimidating but I was encouraged by everyone’s willingness to learn any new skills required in order to enable the children to progress.

I also feel a new sense of motivation after the refreshing break.  I Will keep this blog updated.  I Will find the time for regular bike rides.  I Will get up to take Buster for a walk before work.

Prepared or not, its a good time to take a deep breath and dive right back in.


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