Posted by: carlsumner | July 16, 2010

A Creative Spark!

A creative curriculum. Striving to encourage children to be more creative learners, independent thinkers, taking ownership of their own education. As educators (i’m debating whether I prefer this term to teacher) finding and developing innovative ways to engage children and help them to understand new and difficult concepts. This is our aim and one which at Flakefleet we have undertaken with renewed relish in the last few months as we seek to move the school forward after the dramatic progress made in the last 18 months.

It can be daunting and more than a touch confusing, trying to weave your way around the curriculum, checking progression, monitoring skill delivery – is everyone where they should be? It’s benefits will be seen when the web is embedded and allowed to flourish as the school gets to grips with the openness and complexity of a new and dynamic period of learning.

I experienced the first real sparks just the other day when discussing the potential of a new theme with a colleague and in that moment fresh ideas and a new direction for the learning opened up. The Lightbulb Moment’ when it just clicks. I actually laughed because it felt so good to feel that and that will fire me on as it is the feeling you want the children to experience and cherish.



  1. Didnt realise you were such a deep thinker Mr S!

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