Posted by: carlsumner | April 28, 2010

How sad

The saddest element of the whole bigotgate drama today seems to be the reaction that people have had to either the use of the word by the poltician and/or the views held by the ‘dear old lady’.  Politicians are scared stiff of honesty because someone, somewhere will take offence or object to what has been said – and this may cost votes (either popular or real).  why did he not challenge her views when he had the opportunity? – because it was loose and couldn’t be managed/manipulated? GB would have earned respect by engaging with the lady even if it meant disagreeing with her.

Following on from the fall-out was the reaction from ‘ordinary’ folk to the drama.  General consensus was that she was correct – where did these Eastern Europeans come from? Who did they think they were taking all our jobs?  Television cameras in the area frequently panned across the streets and play areas where many young people stood around in the middle of the day.  Presumably it was their day off.



  1. I’m with you on this.

    One of my big bugbears is the way that on vox pops you hear frequent variations on the theme of “These immigrants / asylum seekers jump the queue, and get given houses and benefits”, and I’ve never seen this immediately challenged even though its patent nonsense.

    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to refute with kids the notion that ‘they’ get given mobile phones. Sigh.

    • Thankyou for your comment – you are my first!! It just seems so ingrained as an attitude in our culture and is so difficult to break down – from such an early age, children hear this from so many quarters. Sadly enough I have even heard similar comments from staff at my school – huge sigh.

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